A synthetic, hydrothermal feldspathic ceramic with leucite reinforcement?

Don´t worry!

The production of dental ceramics is basically always the same and basically always arises from the threefold mix of feldspar, quartz and clays (eg kaolin). Unfortunately, although ceramics do not grow on trees, but must first be produced from natural raw materials, this is syntethic. And this process is not trivial.

The precisely controlled sequence of the many production steps in connection with varying melting and sintering processes is decisive for the later properties of the ceramic. The compulsion to adapt to framwork materials, however, also prevents the very great magic.

For example, we have to control the CTE value, so that we can burn several times without distortion. This affects the proportion of leucite crystals during manufacture, which in turn tickles the translucency.

One can say that all ceramics are necessarily similar, the production possibilities are bound to later use.


[Translate to Englisch:] Jan Schünemann presents NOVACer® ceramic

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Reinventing the wheel?
No! But maybe it runs a bit better.

We have designed a coordinated ceramic system that makes daily production easier and cheaper. It should meet the highest demands, both technically and aesthetically, and take into account the latest developments in framework materials.


Simple to use means it facilitates daily production. There is everything - but you do not need it. Highest aesthetic results with modern color concept, efficient workflow, spending less time and costs. We need also to be economically successful. For us as a user that was a challenge, because we are not an industry. The tailormade production according to our wishes is therefore carried out by world-renowned experts. The ladies and gentlemen about grain sizes, crystal forms, glass phases and temperature curves. Fascinating!

NOVACer® is good for you and NOVAZir®, NOVAPress® and NOVAChrome®

Yours sincerely

Gabor Koos & Torsten Gröger