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We are pleased that NOVACer® also internationally has found its way into many "smart hands". We would like to present some of them here. 

If you have achieved very nice results with NOVACer® and you would like to present it here, please simply ring, click or knock.



master dental technician Jan Schuenemann

I've been working with dental ceramics for over 30 years now. Over the years, the dental market has changed dramatically as manufacturing methods have become more and more digitized. Curse and blessing can be said, but one thing remains - the traditional and individual layering with ceramic materials. This is the personal touch, the characteristic of a tooth and thus also the patients - unique!

Love for the job, the passion of always getting a little bit closer to nature is the daily motivation.

My personal requirements for a modern ceramic are the high surface density of the material in addition to the color fidelity and batch equality. Of course, the light-optical properties of a natural tooth are part of it.

With NovaCer®, I have a material concept in my hand which has emerged from the daily work, therefore "made by experience".